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  1. Kennedy Camden

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    Quote Originally Posted by hipodilski View Post
    It's basically a 2.3mm flanged hoop, but the top lip is bent inward, kinda like an S-hoop but with much smaller lip. It also has a lower profile than I'm used to.

    I'm changing the hoops on this one, diecasts are where it's at for me.
    Wow. Some of you guys are really on the ball regarding gear. I wouldn’t ever noticed that nor would I consider changing it. I would just sell the thing.

  2. Paiste-oholic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Foreman View Post
    Cool find.

    I used to go to Columbus Pro Percussion in the late '80s - mid '90s. Back then it was Columbus Percussion Center. I always liked that place & most of the people who worked there were really cool (save for a couple of self identified gods). I moved away from Columbus in '95 & haven't been back to that store since. Is it still a good store?

    Were you, by chance, in any bands from around '88 - '95? If so, perhaps we've met.
    I also used to go there a lot in the late 80's, early 90s...started at the old location, and then they moved to the much bigger store up the street. I was just there a couple of months ago. Nice folks still, good selection. They fixed two cracks in a crash for me. They found the second one under a microscope, and since they already quoted me a price for one crack, they did the second for free. Top notch!

    I got my first set of pro drums from them back in '87 - Pearl Worlds...still have them!

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