Hi I am new to the forum. Been playing drums for a couple of years now. Gotta say it is one of the most addicting and fun hobbies that I have ever had. Just something about beating on those drums alleviates all stress.

I have all Eliminator pedals (dual-bass) and an H-2000. I recently also purchased an RH-2000 pedal but I can't seem to adjust the feel to be as light as I would like. It is extremely heavy. I estimate it to be as much as 4x heavier than my regular H-2000 (which I have dialed up to about half-way on its spring-tension adjust). On the RH I have installed the largest "white" cam and the spring tension adjust is all the way down, finally I tried pulling the pedal forward which the manual says provides more power.

I am wondering if anyone has any secrets to adjusting the RH-2000 that I didn't see in the manual. I can feel the static resistance in the Bowden cable but I think my issue has more to do with the spring simply being too strong. Don't know if this will loosen up after playing it in for a while or if I simply purchased a bad unit? Unfortunately, the place that I got it doesn't have enough business selling these so they don't put examples on the floor (so I have nothing to compare mine against).

If this is a defective unit I only have about 10 days left to get it back for a replacement so any help folks can provide is much appreciated!