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    Default FMOD Error 50 in Guitar Pro 5.

    Hello fellow drummers,

    I have a brand new desktop that I bought maybe 3-4 months ago... Just recently, I've been trying to export a few tracks in Guitar Pro 5, from the original MIDI to WAVE file (so I can put the tracks on my iPod).

    But, every time I export it, then play it to start the recording, I get this message:

    "FMOD error! (50) A call to standard sound card failed, which could possibly mean a bud in the driver."

    Which is strange to me, since I just bought this computer. This is the only error I've ever seen using the program and/or on my computer.

    Do you know the solution?

    Thanks, a billion.
    Hail Satan.

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    Try Audacity, its free and pretty much the standard, especially for free software. Itll convert a whole slew of types.
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