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    I also have a P1 and just usually just ask the sound guy for a XLR cable from the mixing board and mix it with a click track played from my iphone (I have made a mini jack to XLR cable). The P1 is a bit quiet, but if you have good enough IEMs, it works great, I have no complaints so far.

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    I think I finally have an ears/butt-kicker rig that is perfect for me. The last piece of the puzzle is an old Furman rack mixer complete with both xlr and 1/4 inputs per channel (4), aux ins, effects in/out. Everything fits in a shallow 6u rack, just plug and play. The lightweight Behringer iNuke amp is working nicely with the kicker. Signal comes via Roland trigger getting sounds from an Alesis D5 then boosted by compressor before amp. I'm liking it.
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