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    Not convinced they ever really did melt cymbals to make these drums, except on a few occasions for publicity reasons. It would have been much more cost effective to just cast the alloy in the normal manner.

    There aren't that many manufacturers who still do seamless spun shells. Sonor have stopped now, as the machine broke. To the best of my knowledge both Tama and Yamaha have stopped also, which really only leaves Ludwig (400/402 and BBs) and even then the 400/402 shells are outsourced, plus the custom manufacturers.

    Always preferred spun seamless shells, nothing else sounds as nice to me.

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    yes BUT... how do they bend the bearing edge inward??? once the sheet metal is already welded??? how does that part work... i have a mig welder and some nice 18 guage steel... and a sheet metal roller... and i cant figure out the bearing edge!!!


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