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    How do you like your 6x7 rack tom? It must have a lot of crack to it. I ordered a MW 6x8 rack tom, in 8" Reference specs, except I swapped 2 plies outer maple and 4 plies inner birch. This will go with the rest of my Reference kit. I just love the tiny 6" toms, crack, pop, just a complete tonal spectrum .
    I obviously still like it very much! I have it outfitted with die-cast hoops finished in 24k gold, and it resides next to some of my rocket toms, which were ordered to match the rest of the kit - including the 24k gold Reference lugs. I use Emps over Ambs, and keep it tuned fairly low. It's still a very high voice, but matches the warmth and fullness of the rest of the kit. Unlike my gigging kits, this particular kit absolutely sings when tuned slightly lower than my usual preference would be. The die-cast hoops help the 6" tom blend in seamlessly with the sound of the rest of the kit, as when tuned the same way using the Super Hoop II's, it has a tendency to ring more, so it had to be tuned higher to eliminate that - but at the expense of a cohesive voice within the kit. As it is - it all just works.
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    Pearl MW/Ref Wine Red with Gold Hardware 18x22 (x2), 16x16, 14x14, 8x12, 8x10, 8x8, 7x6, 5.5x14 snare
    Masterworks: 14x5.5 snare, 6x7 rack tom Pictures post #1
    Reference: Pictures post#1,35,58,68,69
    WANTED: Gold Pearl Hardware. PM me.

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    That's such a baller move. Gold plating die cast hoops to match. Love it.


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