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  1. Your trauma sponge

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    Couple things that make me disagree with a FEW parts:

    1) For double bassers, a lot of the time a high throne is preferable considering the kind of movement you do. Outside of a few guys like Paul Mazurciewicz and Gus Rios, most guys on double bass setups have their thighs at quite at an angle. Look at Gene Hoglan or Daray from Dimmu Borgir

    2) Playing with my forearm parallel to the floor is tiring as all get out, which results in a low snare.

    3) A low hi hat is going to result in some hellacious knuckle-stick interactions unless it's far enough out to the side that your wrists are physically in line vertically. Try a cross-handed blast beat with a low hat. Ouch.

    4) The flat tom thing works only if we accept that all strikes are made with forearm parallel to the floor and stick extending straight out. The key is a straight strike with the stick. Your toms could be vertically mounted and if they're up high it would be easy to make sure the strike is at the proper angle.
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  2. Funkmeister, M.D.

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    I highly recommend using a two or no leg hi-hat stand for double-bassers.
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    Huge bump, but this board needs a little more activity anyways. I like to have my snare facing me in a way that I don't have to reach around the drum to turn off the strainer. If I need to get to it fast, it is right in front of me. I also do this when I can with all hardware stands in any percussion set up (not just drum set), to ensure that if I need to adjust for whatever reason, it is very easy for me to get to.
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    I just stumbled upon your post.
    Nice job! It made me think back to Neil Peart's a work in progress video. I actually raised my snare after watching. Noticeable improvement. I wish someone could have helped when I started out. This can definitely save hardware, headaches and sore appendages!
    Well done.

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    I used same set up for years, with very little changes-one day I changed my throne height , went from low to mid heights - I rebuilt my set up around throne! Vast improvements!

    Great thread, where were you 25years ago! Lol


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