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    Default San Diego Pipe Band

    Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band Based in San Diego is seeking snare drummers.
    Used to play in drumline in high school or college and want to get back into it? You're ideal.

    Laid back, friendly and fun group.

    Rudiments include: Falams, Paradiddles, Ruffs, Drags, Open and Closed Rolls, and just about every other rudiment. (currently no eggbeaters though)

    Weekly practices, and active schedule. Drum & uniform provided. All ages, backgrounds, and levels welcome.

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    what grade are use playing at?

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    Hi there,
    Falams....should read "Flams"
    And no Pipe Band should EVER play "open" rolls........the tighter the better.......!! Leave the open rolls to brass bands.
    Just thought I'd mention these two can agree, or not...?
    Brian S. Campbell,
    Lead Tip,
    FCR Pipe Band,
    Chilliwack B.C. Canada.
    p.s. I've been taught by J. Reid Maxwell of SFU PB.


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