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    Quote Originally Posted by Thudpaw
    I'll check those out! I always double-tape with a 1/2 overlay full length.
    I used to just do westcoast style, the 3/4 way, very little overlay (1/8 inch) but after trying a pair of FS-MM with the full length 1/2 overlay, I knew there was no going back.

    Oh, on a random note, Crossmen are using the IP FS-PR2's this year (thanks to my friend on the snare line for the info). They are gonna be insane this year.
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    I dig the hannums right now. We use them for indoor though.
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    I've always loved the Tom Aungst sticks. They have an excellent rebound and have enough weight to make the drum speak without being too heavy. It you've looking for something to work your forearms, get a set of MS4 Magnums. They used to be the Dennis Delucia model before he defected to an inferior company. They're really heavy and short so they make you work to get rebound and speed. I use these a lot as practice sticks.
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    you really can't go wrong with any vic firth sticks...

    My personal favorites: MS2, MS3 (the old Jim Cassellas) McNutts and Hardimons. I like the McNutts the best, IF I can find a good pair.

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    I have the magnums, the compressed, empregnated wood ones, they're heavey. i love hardimons, and i really like the one... i can't think of his name right now. they're heartwood hickory, so slightly darker, and slightly heavier, i love those things. BUT>>> i played tenors, but i used those heartwood sticks, with a good wrapping. they felt great. i loved the extra length they gave me over my mallets.
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