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    Default "International" Series set

    I have a 5 pc Pearl set, I bought new in 1988. I thought it was the Pearl International set. The snare is 14", chrome, the (2) toms are 12" and 13", with the floor tom 16", bass drum 22". It came with all Pearl hardware/cymbal stands/cymbals. The tag shows only "Pearl", with a seperate tag showing "made in Taiwan ROC". After seeing all the different series on the forum, mine looks pretty cheap. I'm not sure this counts as a vintage set-but does anyone know of an "International" set from Pearl? Over the years I replaced the Pearl cymbals with Ziljian, the set sounds good, but do you think this set is worth anything?
    First time post!!

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    Hi, welcome to the forum!

    The international series was Pearl's entrance level series in the late 80's, placed under the export series. It's what's now called the forum series.

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    I still have my International that I got in 1986. One of these days I'll sell them, or let my daughter have them.


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