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  1. Creative Control

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    Question Chad Smith's kit

    A Pearl artist, and one of my fav drummers. does anyone has pics of the kit he uses? driver seat? ect ect

    Thank you!:")
    We're really lucky to be a part of this wonderfull thing called music :p

    My Tama Starclassic kit:)

    My old Mapex kit:)

    It's not about what you have. It's how you use it;)

    “To play the unplayed… ” (Thomas Lang)

  2. Fo Sho

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  3. om nom nom nom nom

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    Chad Smith

    His funky, deep down grooves drive the Red Hot Chili Peppers with incessant muscle, and a spacious sense of taste. Chad Smith is a powerful player whose diverse influences, from the jazz of Buddy Rich to the big bonzo beats of John Bonham, and the zany go-for-it attack of Keith Moon enhance his playing with a strong sense of swing, great pop/rock sense, and an intuitive instinct to nail the groove deep within the pocket… but keep it fun. Chad joined the Peppers in time for Mothers Milk and from that point on the wild ’n’ crazy guy behind the drums has pumped up the rhythm section’s power with rock-steady grooves, hard-hitting syncopations and a whole lot of personality on such highlights as "Give It Away", "Higher Ground", "Under the Bridge", "Lonely View", and the universal hit album, Californication. He’s a popular clinician, and his clinic tour with Steve White was the biggest drum event ever in the UK. The Chili Peppers are also a video favorite, and winning the MTV Video Vanguard Award further highlighted the popularity and influence of this great drummer and his band.

    Chad's Setup

    A) 14" AAXcelerator Hats
    B) 10" AA Splash
    C) 19" AA Medium Crash (or 18.5" Signature Explosion Crash)
    D) 21" AA Rock Ride
    E) 20" AA Rock Crash
    F) 19" AA Chinese

    • Chad's Red Hot Kit

    MMX Masters Series
    24x16 bass drum
    12x10 tom
    14x14 floor tom
    16x16 floor tom
    14x5 Chad Smith Signature snare drum
    14x5.5 Steel Sensitone snare
    C1000 straight stand x 5 P2000C pedal
    H2000 hi-hat
    S2000 snare stand
    D1000S throne
    T2000 double. tom stand
    B1000 boom stand
    AX20 adapter

    "When I auditioned for The Chili Peppers, they were kind of a college cult band that sold a few records. I wasn't a fan of the band particularly. They were just auditioning friends of friends and I had a friend who told them, 'Chad eats drums for breakfast.' So when I brought my drums to audition, Flea asked, 'So, that's your breakfast?' And I'm going, 'Huh?' I set up and we started rocking. We just jammed. I didn't know any of their songs and they didn't care. There was musical chemistry right off the bat." -Chad Smith

    I love chad smith too myself, he is the very first drummer that inspired me to play. I am yet to see him live or get his signature snare drum or cymbals, but I love his playing style. Chad is the King of Groove! btw, those words up top, my favourite chad smith quote.

    sources :
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  4. get the bejahhmennss

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    The song is called Scar Tissue, not Lonely View.

    James May fan club member #00000001.

  5. ...has Stanton's hands??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger//
    A Pearl artist, and one of my fav drummers. does anyone has pics of the kit he uses? driver seat? ect ect

    Thank you!:")
    Chad when? Now? Ten years ago? Fifteen years ago?
    Those that do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.
    -/- Salvador Dali

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    -/- Tom Waits


  6. Noderator

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    This was his main gigging kit through the 70-90's...

    I had a photo of it, but my damn computer has decided to screw with some of my pictures! Damn it!!
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  7. Registered User

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    i cant standz chad smith - i dont like his style.

    i respect him and all, and he lays down some nice beats...but the actual way he plays the not the biggest fan.
    Has not cleaned his cymbals since 2004

  8. Go Back To The 90s!

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    Almost driver's seat.
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    Check out the band: State Line Syndicate

  9. Registered User

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    How come you never see Will Ferrell and Chad Smith in the same room at the same time?

  10. The Fight Revisited.

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    Chad's Octopus kit from the mid 90's is my favorite custom finish kit ever. But don't be fooled by what you hear on records...Chad has openly admitted to using Gretsch for a lot of the recording sessions.
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  11. Registered User

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    luv chad, he is ace
    join me @

    Pearl BRX, 19" HH crash 18" HH crash Sabian, Chad smith snare, Vater sticks,

  12. I <3 Miss Pearl

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    Gretsch in the studio.....


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