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    Default Help with 16" floor tom growl

    I've got a 16" ELX floor tom that growls when I hit it, My 12", and 14" have that nice round worm sound , but not the 16" I use Evans clear G2'S on top and Reso's on bottom, should I use a G1 on bottom or a G2. What ya all think? Thanks

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    Well, putting the G2 on the bottom would make it more muffled and less resonant/ringy, which may solve the problem. To get a warm sound, you need to tune your batter-side head up a bit, making sure all the lugs are in tune, and try adjusting the reso head up or down to find the right combination. A bit of experimentation should find the solution. But the most important thing is to slightly tune up the batter head. Hopefully this will work.
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    First off, make sure all the hardware is tight and no tuning rods are rubbing the opening of the lugs.
    Make sure both heads are tuned to the natural tone of the shell or slightly higher, never lower. tuning the reso lower than the batter will allow more sustain and if tuned too loose possibly that growl. Tuning the reso higher than the batter will give less sustain, a tighter tone. The heads you're using should be fine, it's most likely a matter of getting the tuning right.
    If you're sure the tuning is good, you might try a suggestion I read in another thread. Put a handfull of cotton balls in the drum to tame overtones. I havn't tried it myself, but sounds like it might work.


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