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Thread: Wuhan SNARES?

  1. Drunken Hooligan Aussie

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    wow they could be very good value
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    it looks a lot more like copper than brass to me.
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  3. Brufordophile

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    Quote Originally Posted by militantmandy
    it looks a lot more like copper than brass to me.
    That's what I was thinking. It doesn't look like brass at all.

    Actually, it would make sense if it were a bronze snare, as Wuhan is primarily a cymbal company.

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    So i just picked up one of these wuhan snares and i am very impressed. The lugs, throw, and butt plate are much better quality than i expected. The lugs are machined from solid steel, not cheap die cast lugs. The throw is solid and smooth with almost no play. I took the thin nylon washers out from between the lugs and the shell, made sure everything was tight, and tuned up the remo ambassador coated top and clear bottom. Im certian the shell is copper, it has the dark tones that copper snares are known for. Im certain its also a rebranded snare, probably made by maxtone, another chinese percussion/instrument manufacturer. But that is speculation, it could very well be made by wuhan. I did contact cardinal percussion, formerly universal percussion, to get more info on the drum, but they usually take a while to respond. Anyway, if you guys ever see one for sale (got mine off of reverb dot com) and wanna check it out, id recommend it. Will post a video on YouTube soon with a link here in this forum.


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