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    I normally play Zildjian cymbals, but I use a set of smaller Meinl cymbals with my percussion rig and smaller cajon kit:

    18" Meinl Byzance Medium Thin crash
    16" Meinl Byzance Thin crash
    14" Meinl Byzance Thin crash

    12" Meinl Byzance hi-hats
    10" Meinl Byzance hi-hats

    12" Meinl Byzance splash
    10" Meinl Byzance splash
    8" Meinl Byzance splash
    6" Meinl Byzance splash
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    2019 Masterworks / Matte Black

    18x20 KD, 14x16 FT, 12x14 FT, 8x10 TT, 5x13 SD

    2017 Masterworks Cocktail Kit / ES Comet Sparkle

    16x16 KD (verticle), 4x10 SD, 6x8 TT, 5x12 TT

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    village in central Louisiana


    I bought a Sabian AA 16" Xplosion Crash a week ago and used it on a gig today. It goes very well with the El Sabor 18".

    So I am planning to use this at the next two outdoor gigs.

    20" AA Medium Ride
    18" AA El Sabor (which I used as a crash and a ride today)
    16" AA Xplosion Crash
    14" XS20 Medium Hats

    I am giving my AA 17" Thin Crash a rest for now. Peace and goodwill.
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    Mark Wellman ><>

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    Mapex Saturn (snare, bass drum, and toms); Mapex MPX (snare); Sabian AA, AAX, and SR2 ; Evans ; LA Backbeat

    Church Drummers Army

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    My current cymbal setup:

    Sabian AA Sizzle Hats 14
    Sabian AA Bash Ride 21
    Sabian AAX Aero Crash 18
    Sabian AAX Aero Crash 20

    I've also owned some Sabian AAX Xplosion Crashes and Zildjian A Custom Crashes over the years. I've had a much better experience with Sabian. My A Custom Crashes both cracked after 5 or 6 months. I've had my Aero Crashes for over 3 years now and they're still good as new. Sabians are a lot more durable than Zildjian in my experience.

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    10” AAX O-zone Splash
    12" HHX Evolution Splash
    13” AAX Stage Hats
    14" AAX Metal Hats
    14” B8Pro Heavy Hats
    14” APX Solid Hats
    14" AAX Mini Chinese
    15” AAX X-treme Chinese
    16" AAX X-plosion Fast Crash
    17" HHX Evolution Crash
    17" AAX X-plosion Fast Crash
    18" AAX X-plosion Fast Crash
    18" AAX X-plosion Crash
    18” AAX Stage Crash
    19" AAX X-plosion Crash
    19" AAX X-plosion Fast Crash
    19” AAX X-plosion Crash
    19" AAX X-treme Chinese
    20” China (1980’s)
    20" HH Leopard Ride
    20” Ride (1980’s)
    22” AAX Metal Ride

    12” Stambul Splash

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    the pueblo


    1. Bosphorus
    up yours

    Pearl MMX Emerald Mist - 20/12/15 - Pearl Power Piccolo Brass 13x5.5 - Bosphorus - Roland TD-12

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    Playas de Tijuana, Mexico


    Here is most of my current cymbals on hand. Most I have purchased from current to the last 1-2 years, stocking up to put a small kit together. In that time, design and kit size has changed and going to go on Pearl Icon racks.

    Not all cymbals will be used on the kit. Will test out each and see if the sound fits. If so, will keep, if not, there will be a big sale at the end of the sound check. Thern it's off to find anything else that I may be missing (which will probably be several)

    I got impressed with the XS20 line from the used 16" sounds fantastic and at the lower cost price point originally budgetted I got most of the line. The ZHT line was mostly due to deep discounted from Best Buy when they were closing down thier "Music Dept" so a decent cymbal in the lower price range. To say the least, that small kit budget went way out the window.

    The other higher end cymbals I got good deals on from places like CL, Reverb, etc. The new 13" Paragons I got brand new from Amazon for $205 + tax in the last 2 weeks and they are in and perfect. Current plan is to use the 13" Paragons as main and 14" K's on the remote...can always switch around.

    Cymbal List

    The Sabian Xs20 models include: All brand new, except 16" rock crash

    XS1005: 10" XS20 Splash
    XS1205: 12" XS20 Splash
    XS1407: 14" XS20 Medium Thin Crash (will mod to riveted)
    XS1402XLB: 14" Xs20 X-Celerator Hats
    XS1607: 16" XS20 Medium Thin Crash
    XS1609: 16" XS20 Rock Crash (used, but excellent sound)
    XS1600P: 16" XS20 Ozone
    XS1816: 18" XS20 Chinese
    XS1807: 18" XS20 Medium Thin Crash
    XS1811: 18" XS20 Crash Ride
    XS2012: 20" XS20 Medium Ride
    XS1823: 18" XS20 Suspended

    Zildgian ZHT's (all new)

    10" Splash
    14" Hi-Hats
    16" Fast Crash
    18" Med/Thin Crash
    18" China
    20" Med Ride


    11" Zildjian K Hybrid Splash (New)
    14" Hi-Hats (Zildjian, no label, heavy rock style) Used, may be vintage style
    22" Zildjian "A" Custom ride (Used, VGC)
    21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride (Used, VGC)
    18" Sabian V-Vault Crash (Used VGC)
    14" Zildjian K Hi-Hats (Used VGC)
    13" Sabian Paragon Hi-Hats (New)

    I have 3-4 others (maybe more) some place, all used but VGC from various places. Have to find them at some point.
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    "Wisdom comes with age .. but many times these days, age comes alone."

  7. A Passion Play ...

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    Sacramento CA.


    Sweet selection of pies. Lots to choose from.
    Eric G : Pearl,pAiSTe,Remo,Vic Firth,SKB,Roc n Soc,Roland V-Drums. Masters MCX Chestnut fade.
    22"x18",10"x8",12"x9",16"x16". Ian Paice Snare. Why not ...

  8. th droids yerlookn4

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    my set up to date :
    14 dyno beat hats
    14 z custom mastersound hats
    6 a splash
    8 a splash
    10 a splash
    15 a custom crash
    15 a c rezo crash
    16 z custom rock crash
    17 z custom medium crash
    17 z 3 medium crash
    18 a custom projection crash
    20 oriental china classic
    20 a custom ping ride
    21 a custom rezo ride
    21 a custom 20th anniversary ride
    i think thats it so far ..
    want to get :
    19 a series heavy ultra hammered china (x2)
    16 a heavy rock crash
    10 a custom / 12 oriental china trashhats config
    10 trashformer/ 12 oriental china in trashats config
    18 k extra dry shina
    18 extra dry k(I efx ...the holey one ) crash
    6 zil bel
    7 volcano bell
    9. 5 zil bel

  9. Music Lover

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    May 2010
    village in central Louisiana


    I took the AA 16" X-Plosion Crash to church, so here is what I am left with (all Sabian):

    20" AA Medium Ride
    20" B8 Pro Medium Ride
    18" AA El Sabor
    17" AA Thin Crash
    17" AAX X-Plosion Crash
    15" AAX X-Plosion Crash
    14" XS20 Medium Hats
    10" SR2 Splash

    Peace and goodwill.
    Mark Wellman ><>

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    Mapex Saturn (snare, bass drum, and toms); Mapex MPX (snare); Sabian AA, AAX, and SR2 ; Evans ; LA Backbeat

    Church Drummers Army

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    Jan 2016
    Lower Alabama


    Zildjian 14 A Mastersound hats
    Zildjian 21 A sweet ride
    Zildjian 17 K custom dark China
    Sabian 16 HHX evolution crash
    Sabian 17 HHX evolution crash
    Sabian 17 AAX x-plosion fast crash
    Sabian 18 HHX evolution crash
    Sabian 10 paragon splash

    Looking around for a good sounding Zildjian 14 K Mastersound hats... So much warmer sounding than the A's that I have.

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    Sherwood Forest. ENGLAND


    Mine has just grown as I now have an Artist Endorsement with Scymtek.

    Scymtek -
    14" Xtreme Hi Hats
    16, 17, 18, 19" Xtreme Crash
    20" Xtreme China
    22" Xtreme Ride.

    Zildjian -

    10" A Splash
    12" A Splash
    13" Z Dyno Beat Hi-Hats
    14" A New Beat Hi-Hats
    16" K Dark Crash
    17" A Custom Projection Crash
    18" K Dark Crash
    18" A Custom Projection China
    18" Z Custom Crash
    19" A Custom Projection Crash
    20" Oriental China Trash
    21" A Sweet Ride
    22" Z Custom Power Ride

    Sabian -

    18" HH O-Zone.
    Yamaha Recording Custom 10,12,13,16,22 in Cherry Red
    Pearl Masters Premium Maple "Redline" in 12, 16, 22. Black on Black.
    Premier Projector MK1. 12,13,16,22 in Piano Black
    Endorser for Scymtek Cymbals & The London Drumstick Company.

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    Keeping it very simple these days:

    All Istanbul Agop:

    16" Signature hihats
    20" Traditional dark crash
    22" Om ride
    C&C/Istanbul Agop


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