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  1. The Hardware Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrush View Post
    10" Stagg SH splash (inverted)
    10" Meinl splash
    10" Zildjian A Custom splash
    12" Zildjian A Custom splash
    13" Zildjian A Custom Mastersound hi hats (main)
    14" Zildjian A New Beat hi hats (remote)
    14" Zildjian Z Dyno Beat hi hats (aux)
    16" Zildjian A Medium crash
    17" Zildjian A Medium crash
    17" Zildjian A Medium-Thin crash
    18" Zildjian A Medium crash
    18" Zildjian A China Boy Low
    18" Zildjian Oriental China Trash
    20" Zildjian Z Light Power ride
    20" Zildjian K Custom ride
    Still pretty much the same as this, except I dropped out the Dyno Beats, swapped the New Beats to main and the A Customs to remote, dropped out the Z ride and swapped the A China Boy Low for a 17" K China Boy.

    Tempted to drop the 16 crash out, put one of the 17s in it's place, and put an 18" A Medium-Thin in place of the 17, so I have two 18's up front and a 17 either side. I'd quite like try a pair of older (2nd gen) Z Custom hi hats as main hats too, although not sure if 14 or 13". Probably 14, I should think.

    22", 22", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", 18"
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  2. Go Back To The 90s!

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    Right now would be:

    15" Bliss hats
    18" Bliss Crash
    19" Bliss Crash
    22" Ride

    16" MB10 Fat Hats
    19" MB10 Medium Crash
    20" MB10 Medium Crash
    22" M series Medium Ride

    15" 2002 Sound Edge hats
    19" 2002 Crash
    20" 2002 Medium
    21" Twenty prototype ride
    22" 2002 Ride

    13" New Beats
    20" Ping ride

    For live shows I either take out the Meinls or Paistes depending on my mood. The Dreams are for practice and the Zildjians are just kind of collecting dust. To be honest, I forgot about the ride cymbal until I stumbled upon it a while back. Lol
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