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    Apr 2018


    Long time lurker, just finally becoming more active in forums and reddit.


    15" HHX X-Celerator HiHats
    17" AAX Studio crash
    19" AAX XPlosion crash
    20" HHX X-Treme crash
    22" AAX Metal Ride
    22" AAX OMNI
    10" AA Metal-X Splash
    13" AA Fusion bottom hihat

    18" Boomywang
    16" Indigo crash
    17" Prototype China
    13" Slap stack
    4" Spanky stack


    16" Earthworks China
    6" Earthworks Bell
    10" Ambiance Swiss Cheese Vented Splash

    Trying to find a thin top hihat to match with the 1408g heavy AA fusion bottom

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    Aug 2002


    I normally play Zildjian cymbals, but I use a set of smaller Meinl cymbals with my percussion rig and smaller cajon kit:

    18" Meinl Byzance Medium Thin crash
    16" Meinl Byzance Thin crash
    14" Meinl Byzance Thin crash

    12" Meinl Byzance hi-hats
    10" Meinl Byzance hi-hats

    12" Meinl Byzance splash
    10" Meinl Byzance splash
    8" Meinl Byzance splash
    6" Meinl Byzance splash
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    2016 Masterworks / ES Comet Sparkle

    18x20 KD, 14x16 FT, 12x14 FT, 10x12 TT, 8x10 TT, 5.5x13 SD

    2017 Masterworks Cocktail Kit / ES Comet Sparkle

    16x16 KD (verticle), 4x10 SD, 6x8 TT, 5x12 TT

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    May 2010
    village in central Louisiana


    I bought a Sabian AA 16" Xplosion Crash a week ago and used it on a gig today. It goes very well with the El Sabor 18".

    So I am planning to use this at the next two outdoor gigs.

    20" AA Medium Ride
    18" AA El Sabor (which I used as a crash and a ride today)
    16" AA Xplosion Crash
    14" XS20 Medium Hats

    I am giving my AA 17" Thin Crash a rest for now. Peace and goodwill.
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    Mark Wellman ><>

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    Mapex Saturn (snare, bass drum, and toms); Mapex MPX (snare); Sabian AA and XS20 ; Evans ; LA Backbeat


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