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    Default Need info on Artisan series,etc.

    Hi guys, As I am looking into the possibility of buying a Masterworks kit in the next few months I need all the info I can get in order to make the best decision possible to meet my drumming needs. What web site has all the color options,etc. I still need some help with knowing just what sounds the different shell materials will give me. I know about the basic shell materials but I am not sure what happens when you put Mahogany inside and Birch in the middle and Maple on the outside if I were using a 6ply shell. How much does the middle ply affect the sound? What is this Tamo finish I hear about? When would I want a 6ply shell and where would I use a 4ply shell for example? 6ply would give more volumn and projection but less reso? What about gold hardware, does it chip off or ware quicker then chrome? As you can see I have alot of questions and lots of choises to go through thanks to Pearl for all the options. If anyone can help with all this please write and let me know. Thanks, and HAPPY EASTER!

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    Call Carl on Monday. He's there for anyone that is interested in Masterworks and has questions.
    1-615-833-4477. Dial 0 and ask for Carl Perterson.
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    as far as colors, you might have already heard you can get just about what ever the crap you want as long its not pictures or designs. I dont remember the exact word used. but any color, or fade or burst or sparkle or marbelized, or any combination of those types of finishes are available in any colors you could dream up. You can see many real masterworks kits on the website in my signature. it is truly just jaw dropping.
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    Rich, I don't know about the Gold HW. except that it looks veary
    nice, I have a friend that hade a MMX in natural Maple with gold
    HW. I asked him about chiping and he said not to worry about it
    but like I said I don't know myself. calling carl is the best thing to do. I asked him about the Tamo and he said that maple is the
    carrier ply used for it so if you go with 6ply drums you may use
    2 birch 2 mahogany 1 maple and the tamo. The inner plies will
    bee the dominant sound of the shell from what I have herd on the forum I think in the mw thred new kit.


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