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    Default Sabian AA El Sabor

    I am in the klatter stages of completeing my kit. I just need to get a new crash and i am looking at the AA El Sabor selection. Could anyone give me some feedback of the cymbal series. Thanx

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    Just saw your post on El Sabors.
    I have 3 of these at present and may just end
    up with the full line as cash allows.
    I have the 13" splash, 16" crash and the 18".

    I love all three. The 16" is a nice dark sounding cymbal that
    responds very quickly and easily. I banged on cymbals at
    my local Guitar Center for weeks and kept coming back to it.
    The 18" is really amazing in that it can really be a decent
    crash and ride which does not always occur with cymbals so
    named. Also, the "unlathed" bell on this one is awesome. You could almost get away this cymbal alone in some settings.

    The 13" splash is more like a small crash. I heard it last year at the MD festival and determined then I would find one. It really puts out a good volume for a small cymbal unlike some splashes that tend to get lost in the noise. The cymbals all have a slightly flanged edge that supposedly allows for hand playing, but it is a subtle thing so they work as well with sticks as any other cymbal.

    Anyways, I love these things and feel they are Sabian's best kept secret And I hear the ride and hats are quite nice too and work well for many types of music. Hope you can locate a few and give them a try.


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    My El Sabor 18" is the best musical instrument that I have ever owned! Peace and goodwill.
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    Holy old thread bumpage Batman!
    15 year old thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by iCe View Post
    Holy old thread bumpage Batman!
    15 year old thread
    yes, but he speaks the truth
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