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    cool man thanks
    Why are Handy-Cap bathroom stalls so GREAT?
    The Buddy Rich Army!

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    God, this section rules.

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    DIY ETube by P-Fozz

    I found direction on how to build an etube (same as a Pintech Dingbat)

    I made the diagram but the directions are from P-Fozz.

    This is the cheapest and the easiest way to build a drum trigger. It works great for Splash and Chinese cymbals.

    You need :

    - Can of KrylonŽ brand spray paint for plastic (If you want to paint it)
    - 15cm of PVC pipe.
    - foam.
    - a piece of foam rubber sheet.
    - Radio Shack Piezo Transducer (273-073A)
    - Radio Shack Shielded Phono Jack (274-346)
    - end caps to fit tube

    What you've got to do :

    1. Remove the piezo from its plastic case.
    2. Replace little red and black wires by some strong audio cable.
    3. Fix the piezo inside the pvc pipe with some double-sided foam tape.

    4. Put 'the most you can' foam inside the pvc pipe so the piezo is compressed between this flexible material and the foam tape you set it on.
    Put the piezo inside the PVC... It's fragile and you don't wanna damage it... The PVC is to protect it... Technically.. You can put a piezo on just about anything and make it work.. Some designs are better than others...

    Piezo's take a better signal placed horozontal..

    5. Fix a piece of foam rubber on the outside of the pcv pipe using some double-sided tape (the one we use for carpets)

    6. Solder a plug to the audio cable.

    You've got your E-Tube !
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    Great thread - much needed info! thanks


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