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  1. I am almost certain it will take a while to sell...

    I am almost certain it will take a while to sell because there doesn't seem to be a demand for it (probably why it was discontinued). I was thinking about that price range as well. Thanks!
  2. 14x5 Free Floater copper shell sale price

    I recently switched out my copper shell (FC50) for a deeper brass shell. I am getting ready to post the copper shell online to sell but I have no idea what to even ask for it because I can't find it...
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    Brass shell for Free Floater Snare

    I have a 5x14 copper Free Floating snare that I want to turn into a 6.5x14 brass snare. The problem is I am having a hell of a time finding the 5x14 brass shell (FB50) that is designed for the Free...
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