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    You're 31 you kidding me? All these ******ed responses you're giving me are the same tantrums my friend's young teenage cousin has when he can't admit he's been wrong. Puberty must've hit you late huh?

    If that wasn't simple enough for you to get through you're never ending thick head and ego maybe these people will help you understand things better.

    Now I would say grow up but at your age you're clearly never going to get your head out of your *** an act like a 31 year old.
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    I didn't even think any of this would warrant neg rep, and I think it's stupid that I recieved it because I was defending someone's freedom to make a thread on a bloody forum.

    Grow up mate.
  3. No bud we are far from done when you continue to spout BS.

    Give me documented proof of a WHO conspiracy or it's nothing the the fevered wet dream of a nut bar.

    I for one am glad we managed to nip the H1N1 virus in the bud like we did, if it were able to spread, it would have mutated. That's dangerous, it was already very similar to the spanish flu and could've mutated into something far more dangerous, but I guess, if that was allowed to happen, then you would claim it's a pharma conspiracy to have everyone buy their treatment.

    Your claims are nothing but ill-informed claptrap that when analysed can't hold any water. Not only that, but the main figure head of your little crusade has been exposed as a nutbar, not by the general public, but those who supported her.

    Face it, your ideas are a joke. Much like yourself
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    That's just one of many unpleasant facts that have been discussed before, but I won't go over again since the unvarnished truth is wasted on you.

    You can claim Al Jazeera's "bias" all you like. What's important is: are their reports on pharma true? I know that they are because what they said is in the public record, so your claim rings hollow.

    Just like one of your earlier posts here claimed I've "altered" facts, yet you have no proof of that. Nought but a lot of hot air from you, as usual.

    We're done. BTW, stop PM'ing me with your simple-minded outbursts.
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    So...when you have an argument based on hype and mass media lies, not actual facts, you resort to ridicule of someone's age, hypocritical whining about "potty mouth" (while you use phrases like "pish poor" in your PM's), and other ad hominems. Shoot the messenger because you don't like the message, instead of facing reality.

    Reality such as - the WHO actually changing the long-held definition of Level 6 pandemic (highest level), then shortly after that, ramping up the swine flu scare to Level 4, Level 5, then finally "Level 6" to fit their newly created definition. How convenient!!...and right out of the Neocon/Bush playbook. (i.e., rewriting long-established laws to allow their criminal acts of torture, suspending habeas corpus, illegal wiretapping/searches, etc.)

    In actual fact, the swine flu "outbreak" was nowhere near a real Level 6, but it was falsely hyped as such to sell millions of vaccine doses.
  6. But it seems to be the typical M.O - peeps don't agree with you, then you try to insult them. Quite interesting for a man of your age.

    Give me HARD evidence, not some TV 'expose' or some conspiracy theorist website run by nutbars and I'll reconsider my stance, but you won't because YOU CAN'T

    Until you can, you are nothing but a childish old man that has nothing to do with his time other than see conspiracy where there is none,
  7. Who the hell are you to claim I am on the take? That I'd risk patients in my care for money. I don't do this job for the wages, they are pish poor -I do it to help, the very notion that I'd do anything other wise is utterly offensive. What the hell do you do other than sit with a tin foil hat on? Have you stopped at road traffic accidents, been covered in blood, sweat and ****e, helping others that can't do things for themselves? Have you told crying family that their father is going to die? have you prepared a dead body? Who the **** do you think you are to question my motives?
  8. Back to the swine flu nonsense. If the H1N1 was allowed to propagate and spread, it would have mutated. The scary thing about H1N1, isn't that it's particularly deadly, but it has the potential to become so much more, it was very similar to the spanish flu virus - surely you know what that did. So steps needed to be taken to stop the spread of such a potentially deadly disease. Now you can sit with your weird little friends in your tin foil tower and cast doubt on whatever you fancy, but it's BS. I agree that no healthcare worker should be forced to take any medication, period. But to suggest that this is proof positive of a worldwide conspiracy is utter madness. As a healthcare worker that's actually bloody good at their job, I ensure that everyone has full disclosure of any medical/pharma interventions and give them plenty of time to think about it. Which leads me to your little out burst towards my profession:
  9. That's how a fair, judicial system works. Over here, you can't use drugs for conditions that have not been researched to treat. Perhaps you should look more to your inherently corrupt and pish poor healthcare system that allows Doctors to prescribe medication for ailments that are not indications for the medication.

    Now, if the EU/WHO investigation was dropped, it would have been dropped for a reason, the EU/WHO are many thing, but they defo have to follow evidence.
  10. There is a few things here that utterly astound me right here- I linked and can access proper, scientifically sound studies, yet you can easily ignore, stating that they were funded by pharma, yet you source ethically and scientifically suspect articles to further highlight your case. You simply can't work like that - that's burying your head in the sand. Simple as that.

    Now, onto your little video (al jazerra - great, unbiased source there insert sarcastic face). I'll take that at face value, as I can actually do that, take things at face value. In that account, I totally agree with you. If those companies were doing that in the US, then they need to be called on it. That's how the system works. Same over here, they are found out and are punished appropriately. Just goes to show that at the end of the day, you will be found out and will be punished.
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