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My new Pearl VBX Ruby Fade!!!!

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  • My new Pearl VBX Ruby Fade!!!!

    Hey guys! I got the kit in yesterday and set everything up today!

    I came from a solid black Pearl SBX I got in 06. Not a drastic change in sound, and I have the same setup. I had just wanted a new color mainly to spice things up.

    Let me just say, everyone is right when they say no pictures do this finish justice. It is a deep, yet bright red and the fade to black is perfect. This is the most beautiful kit I've ever had the privilege to own. I just couldn't get over the quality of the finish when I was unboxing them.

    Now, the sound. It's incredible. I don't know if it's the new Coated Emperors, Superhoops, and Opti's, but these drums SING. They have a perfectly deep tone that I really want. It's not too different from my SBX, but something is different. These toms sing more. The kick has a clear PS3 and stock reso, and no internal muffling. It has a nice thud, but my church's acoustics aren't that great so I don't think I'm getting the full effect.

    I couldn't get my 13" tom to fit right where I wanted it with an Optimount off my rack, so I sat it in my S-1000D snare stand. It's fairly high, but it works. I wish there was a lower snare stand for it so it would be even with my 16" tom.

    I had been wanting a black and red kit long before Carter switched to his black/red/black PHX. I love the Arkansas Razorbacks and this is their colors in drums perfectly. It just so happened Carter went with a black and red kit as well. So, I'm pretty much still in perfect relation to his kit!

    I didn't have to do any bending whatsoever with the 8" optimount. I just slid the rubber holders over and it fit. No metal or anything is touching the shell. I just need to order a set of 4" Superhoops now, but it sounds perfect with the 1.6 hoops.

    Specs upon request. I just can barely even describe how amazing these drums are. To anyone that doubts the Visions, seriously give them some time. Pearl has made the best quality product in this price range I've ever seen. This is truly the happiest I've ever been with a set of drums. Thanks Pearl!

    Here's all the shots I got!
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          MCX- Diamond Glitter 10,12,14,16,22 & 14x6.5 Natural Maple Snare

          *FOR SALE* ~ DW Collector Series- Blue Glass 10,12,14,16,& 23

          K Light Hats, K Custom Session & Dark Crash, K Dark Medium Thin Crash, & K Ride



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            Jeepers, nice kit,, if you set that up in a church over here the vicar would faint,,
            Pearl VBX Natural Birch, Vintage Hayman snare drum, Sabian HH and Vintage Paiste Stambul Cymbals,


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              I have a VBX in Ruby Fade with Black hardware and I love it so much.
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                I also have a ruby red set. Yours is absolutely beautiful. Awsome set up. I love everything about mine as I know you will too! Congrats man!


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                  What a beautiful, classy kit. Red is such a great kit color that not many people buy any more. The Reference Scarlet Fade is one of the nicest finishes i have ever seen. Yours is great too.

                  I am going to go watch Carter play #41 right now in your honor.

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                    That's an awesome kit !!!!

                    Looks so much fun to play on

                    Care to post the specs?
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                      Originally posted by scaryguy View Post
                      Care to post the specs?
                      The biggest rack tom is it 13*10 or 14*11 ??
                      10 pc Pearl Vision VSX #436 Strata Red w/Black HW
             pics page 86 !


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                        It's a 14x11. The 13x10 is on the snare stand.


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                          Full specs:

                          Pearl VBX Ruby Fade

                          Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare 14x6.5

                          Tom heads: Coated Emperor over Ebony Ambassador
                          Snare head: Coated Emperor over Hazy Ambassador
                          Kick head: Clear Powerstroke 3 over Pearl Stock Reso
                          Timbale head: Smooth White Ambassador

                          DW 9000 Double Pedals, Hi hat

                          13x7 Pearl Elite Timbale
                          LP Classic Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
                          LP Jam Block
                          LP Granite Blocks
                          LP 72 Bar Studio Chimes
                          LP Soft Shake, Shake It Shakers
                          LP Ching Chok
                          Tycoon Percussion Woodpecker
                          5" Tibetan Wedding Bell


                          6" A Custom Splash
                          6" Zil Bel
                          7" Sabian HHX Evolution Splash
                          8" A Splash
                          10" A Custom Splash
                          10" K Splash
                          14" K Hats
                          14" Oriental China Trash
                          14" K Dark Thin Crash
                          18" K Dark Medium Thin Crash
                          18" A Armand Medium Thin Crash
                          18" A Custom EFX Crash
                          19" K Custom Dark China
                          19" K Custom Hybrid China
                          20" K Heavy Ride
                          20" A Custom Flat Ride

                          I think that covers it lol


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                            I was going to get a VBX in orange but then I saw a ruby fade kit somewhere on this forum and fell in love with it. Awesome choice and great looking kit.




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                              very nice set bro! visions are the way to go!
                              Christian Drummer's Army

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