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Building my new VSX kit !

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  • Originally posted by MitchLyons View Post
    Looks great buddy! Do you think you’d ever consider getting the hardware powder coated? I think it would set your kit over the top!
    I agree that it would definitely be so cool but it aint gonna happen maybe if i win the lottery, but i guess i'm buying a Masterworks instead

    Originally posted by Eric View Post
    Great job. Very sharp.
    Thanks Eric !

    Originally posted by Thrush View Post
    Still killer
    Thanks Matt !

    Originally posted by melvinspeed View Post
    Nice work on those rocket toms. They fit right in.
    Thanks man

    Originally posted by Josh Conover View Post
    This is one of my favorite threads on this forum due to the evolution. I went back and looked at the first page and then skipped a few. I enjoy seeing how the kit started and how everything has become so tight and well laid out. I don’t play big kits, but this one looks like such a blast to play!
    Sometimes i'm looking back to the old pics and then to the kit now and i feel so happy ! I know it aint a high end kit but i build this kit with so much passion & love .... And i'm damn proud of what i achieved

    Originally posted by Drumming-4-Life
    The rocket toms turned out nice Andy! Nice job. They blend right in. Did you mask the badges? Also, for the chrome hardware, what did you do to it before you sprayed it black?
    Thanks Matt !! Yes i masked the badges before paint. I took off all the chrome hardware and took it with me to work. We have a sandblastin cabin over there and i sandblasted all the chrome off. After that i spray painted all the hardware with a basic coat and afther that 2 black coats
    It took a little while to finish everything but i'm very happy with the end result !
    10 pc Pearl Vision VSX #436 Strata Red w/Black HW pics page 86 !


    • Originally posted by Drumming-4-Life
      Yes, that sounds like a good prep job... I bet the paint will stick well for a long time. It all looks very good.
      10 pc Pearl Vision VSX #436 Strata Red w/Black HW pics page 86 !