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New Bass Drum Batter Head.

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  • New Bass Drum Batter Head.

    ok, so my old one is the stock head and I seriously need to upgrade. Any Ideas on what head sounds good on a Pearl Vision??

    Im thinking of getting the Remo Powersonic. Is it good anyone?
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    emad or emad 2, either way you have a winner, just depends wheather u want more tone or thud
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      The Powersonic is great, I've liked it a lot. But it is a bit quiet - the construction and heavy muffling seriously limits the volume output of the head. It's great for miked situations though, but if you're using your kit to just play, I'd recommend the old trusty Remo Powerstroke 3. The PS3 has never failed me.


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          New Bass Drum Batter Head

          I put an EMAD2 on my 24" VLX and it was a very, very good improvement from the factory head, which should be no real surprise. I also use a Remo Muff'l on the reso side (which allows me to keep my bass drum empty), with a 6" Holz. (I need to install another 6" Holz. I believe this will 1. help reduce the slightly noticeable boom, 2. contribute to a more defined thud which I think is better and easier for bass drum microphone usage both live and in the studio, and 3. not detract from volume as opposed to stuffing it with something.)

          I almost got the Aquarian SuperKick II. It was an extremely difficult choice.

          Prior to my purchase, a buddy of mine told me he went through THREE EMAD2s in a row. On all of them, the "tray" that holds the foamy, black ring cracked at the very bottom by the pedal. He said it cracked in such a way that it would rattle. My buddy gigs a lot, and he tried to fix it himself with a very special glue, with not much luck.

          He also said he wrote to Evans 2 times complaining about it and, if I remember correctly, never got a response. He said he loves the sound, but thinks it could be made better, with more durability.

          Despite his sour experience, I went with the EMAD2 anyway simply because I am not in a band (yet) and felt that by the time it happens to me, if it happens to me, that I would go with a new head.

          By the way, for years and years I used only the Aquarian Response II head (before it became the SuperKick series) on the bass drum, and have always been completely satisfied. I suppose I just wanted to try something new with the EMAD2.

          I also briefly considered the Remo Powersonic head. Let me explain:

          I test drove the most popular heads that were installed on the different drum sets on the showroom floor at a Guitar Center near me. I didn't care for the "slappy" plastic snap noticeable on the attack - it sounded a lot like the Remo Pinstripe for toms. I didn't like it. I imagine it would probably work more for those drummers who want that hardcore heavy metal smack. Or not. I don't know, but it juuuust wasn't quite it for me.

          Hope this helps.
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            EQ3 the sound i get from mine
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              EMAD2 sounds amazing on my Vision VBX
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                i have an EMAD2 on my 20", i put on the thicker foam ring and just throw in a cotton bed sheet up against the head. i still get the boom but i still get lots of punch too. its a great skin. i would never change to another one
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                  EMAD 1/ Aquarian Force 2 resonant for me on my 1990 EXs.
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                    Go for the Emad1 mate, best bass drum head

                    on my SJC i don't even need any muffling inside my bass drum after i added the EMAD1.


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                      If you play out miked, EMAD.

                      If you play out unmiked, PS3. Tune for booooom, you need it to cut through.

                      To my ear the Powersonic is too muffled for any use other than to remove all tone without the necessity of stuffing the drum with futons.
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                          Powerstroke 3 is quite possibly the most versatile head Remo makes. It's a fantastic bass head, ranging from a fantastic jazz/bebop tuning to a punchy metal tuning. I've never had a single complaint.

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