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    Hello fellow Pearl people.I was having trouble with my 12" tom going out of tune,so I took her all apart and measured things and seen if things were straight.Turned out the stock rims were out of round and the head wouldnt seat properly.One rim was out by a 1/8 and the other by a tad more.I replaced both with a set off my old ELX kit and she is back to normal,singing just great.Anybody else having the same issues with the VBX kits,I'm starting to get annoyed with these little problems,I never had em with my ELX kit.Thanks for letting me get this off my chest and by the way,I don't hit too hard,I've been drumming for almost 20 yrs so I think I know what I'm doing.Take care and have a good one.

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    I noticed that I have the same problem with almost all my rims on my new VSX kit.
    I think thats a production issue. Gonna change them to diecasts or 2.3 hoops soon anyways.

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      I'm going to 2.3 on the two toms and an opti because I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon due to the money shortage and if it goes well I might end up doing my other two toms as well.
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        The 1,6mm hoops are known to be out of round every now and then, some Export kits featured the same issue. 2,3mm hoops are a relatively inexpensive permanent fix to the problem. My 14" floor tom does this, and the hoop is indeed out of round. I'm yet to replace it though.