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Difference between Lacquer Quality on VBX vs Masters Series All Birch

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  • Difference between Lacquer Quality on VBX vs Masters Series All Birch

    What is the quality difference between the lacquering on the VBX sets and the Masters series all Birch.

    I know they say the masters has a 31 step process.

    What's the vbx set have since you can't get a vbx with a Wrap and was wondering on the durability of the finish.

    How easy do they(vbx vs masters) ding/chip/scratch etc.


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    All lacquer finishes are prone to scratching, regardless of how many steps they go through. Most lacquer finishes have a protective coating that will help deter small abrasions (like rubbing against rough carpet) and prevent fading from the sun, but beyond that you just have to be careful. No coating is going to protect against a rim scraping against your bass drum.

    As for the quality difference between Vision and Masters, I'm sure that there is one, but I think it's mainly just a difference in that it takes more dye or a specific technique to achieve some of the more intricate Masters finishes and colors.
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      that's a question that you should PM Al Percival about unless he sees your post and reply's. When you find out let the rest of us know please.

      From what I remember I thought I saw where there was a difference.
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        Aside from any differences in materials, most high end paint jobs are sanded and polished after they've cured. This isn't specific to Pearl and may not even apply, just more of a general rule though. This doesn't affect the quality or the durability. It's just to remove any texture or surface defects and to bring the shine out. Most mfgs leave this step out of the lower level kits because it's labor intensive and would add to the price.


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          Al Percival sent me this reply:
          Masterworks -
          - Totally custom lacquers, Tamo, Fades any finish imagineable.

          Reference & Masters Premium
          - super hi-gloss lacquer 31 step process so it has a more glass like appearance and shows wood grains better. Inside shells are treated with polyurethane sealer as a moisture barrier.

          Masters MCX
          - super hi-gloss lacquer 26 step process glass-like finish. no inside shell sealer.

          Vision Series
          - Same process as MCX Masters


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            The answer simplified: Either more or less of the same stuff. It's all poly, no nitro lacquer or shellac used there, so there's really no "quality" difference.