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  • Evans Emad 2

    Do you guys think this bass drum head will sound good on the batter side? I personally like the head itself. Im just getting some opinions here....its gonna go on the VSX...

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    It depends on if you like an extremely muffled sound. One of the other drummers at church put a EMAD on the church's kit, and for me, I'd rather beat the cardboard box the bass came in as to use the EMAD. Way too muffled for my taste. Especially, for the type of music we play.

    Just my personal perspective.


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      It really isn't that bad. I have a Emad 2 on mine and i have it tuned pretty tight. It doesn't ring or sound muffled.. When i hit it it just dampenes the overtones and kind echos a bit inside the shell.. ( hard to explain )


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          I run an EMAD 2 on my Export Selects...I usually use the smaller ring, and no other muffling on or in the drum...I have a pretty solid sounding kick, without sounding too muffled or too open, and never had any complaints (Mostly rock styles)


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            i agree the small ring and no other muffling in the bass at all, and mine sounds good. I do play aggressive double bass {not deathmetal} and it works well enough that I wont change.


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              is it too "dampening"? because I've been using the EQ4 for years and it's like a powerstroke 3, single ply, reinforcement ring... nice head.