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Vintage Pearl Snare and Kick 1960s

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  • Vintage Pearl Snare and Kick 1960s

    Can anyone ID the drums in this photo? Early Pearls from Japan. A local second-hand store is selling them. Is this a find or nothing special?
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    I think they are roughly mid 60's, prior to 67 at the latest, probably made from Luan.
    I can't see if there is any re rings.
    The single full length tension rod on the bass lends to thinking early Valencia series.

    Is it a find or nothing special?
    Well, the shells look intact and the wrap ok. Everything looks to be there. So, it ticks three boxes out of three, Complete, original and condition from a collectables point of view.
    And it's drums that are now around 65 years old. That's special.

    Is it worth a fortune? That's an entirely different question.
    If the price isn't to steep and your interested, buy them...
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