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    I have two Export sets, I think maybe the first is a black 7 piece EX 172L from the Export "Deep Series" from 1982 or 1983, and the second is a wine red, maybe a five piece EX 5300 series from 1983. I am in the process of re-wrapping these drums, and I see the acousti coat sealer inside the two drumkits are a little different (see pictures) Anybody know anything about this?

    By the way, these drums are in very good condition and they really made good stuff back then!
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    Not really.
    It may have just been a change due to batch.

    BTW, acousticoat was used in 82, 83, 84, but also in 87, 88, 89.

    That re wrap looks great. Good job...
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      Thanks! Yes, but I read somewhere that acousticoat was more of a brown colour when they started to use it again around 1988. And both of the sets have 10 lug kick drum, which I think was phased out i 1985. The Exports of the early 80s I think is really solid and well made.