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Help Identifying this snare drum

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  • Help Identifying this snare drum

    It's steel and made in Japan. Have searched and can't find one like it anywhere. Any idea on model? Year?
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    Hey welcome to the PDF, and the vintage section in particular

    Ok, I have to go there, your snare is called Rusty.

    Mores seriously though.
    It looks to have what might be a S-010 extended Gladstone type strainer (a clearer picture without the snare tape in the way would help), and also what looks like RL-03 lugs, which puts the drum into the early 90's. Obviously it's MIJ, which is unexpected by that time, as much of the manufacture by then was in Taiwan.

    More pics would help. At least you have some sort of time frame to continue searching with...
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      Thanks for the feedback. Because it was made in Japan I was thinking it may be older than you estimate. I'll take some pics of the throw and butt and post them. Reason I bought it was to rust it more. I do custom patinas on copper, brass, and bronze and now steel. Drum will get new rims, and the hardware will all be cleaned, but the shell is going to look mostly brown from rust with a coat of clear sealant. At least that's the plan.


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        I was trying to think of a nice way to say it, but I can't remember seeing such an obvious instance of a drum badge outlasting the rest of the drum. Normally it's the other way around.