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Pearl 1980's Maple shell drums help needed

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  • Pearl 1980's Maple shell drums help needed

    I am putting together a set of Pearl early 1980's maple shell drums and I need help finding my last 2 pieces. If anyone knows of a loner 13X9 and a 20X14 or 18X14 bass drum in any finish I would really appreciate it. These are the series with the "maple shell" label on them. I believe they are 6 ply but it's hard for me to tell. I did not think these would be all that hard to find but it is not as easy as I thought. I would consider a full kit even as long as it contained these sizes.

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    I’m trying to do the same thing with the same era drum, except I’m chasing a 16” and maybe 12”. Difficult it is! Will consider substituting in a drum from another series if I can work out what will suit. Then hopefully the right drum will turn up in time.
    Good luck with your search!


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      20x14 and 18x14 bass drum of this series is rare to find .. finding one of those is next to impossible because they were special order drums .. they were being sold years ago on ebay and that's last time I've ever seen them .. they are 8 plies at around 6mm

      I own these drums in 10x8, 12x8 (x2), 13x9, 14x10, 15x12, 16x14, 16x16, 18x16, 22x14, 24x14 (x2), 26x14 and 14x5 snares (x2) and a 14x6.5 .. sold the 14x8


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        If you ever want to sell the 13x9 you own let me know!


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          not selling ... here it is (top right) with one of my 80's kits that I custom refinished
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