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Pearl Fibreglassover wood hex tom mount wanted

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  • Pearl Fibreglassover wood hex tom mount wanted

    Hi all!

    Though I'm the proud owner of a Crystal Beat snare and an original free-floating copper snare, (and very nice they are too!) I've joined up mainly to get help for my friend who has a vintage fibreglass-over-wood kit. As I'm sure you vintage fans are aware, the mounts on these could be somewhat delicate, with the long metal plates getting mis-shaped or lost. This has happened to one of my friend's tom mounts. He's eager to keep the kit faithful to its original condition of possible, some I'm just searching around a few places on his behalf, to see if anyone would have any spares that they would be willing to part with? I've included a picture of what he's looking for. Many thanks in advance!
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    Might be a tough find. Looks like that mount is from around 1975. I think some other companies may have used those mounts on their MIJ "stencil kits." So, your friend may want to do a little research into those options. I don't have any (I have some older models on a Reuther kit) so I cannot help much more than by providing this parts diagram for the mount I believe you are looking for (p/n 716-1). Good Luck!

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi and thanks a lot for getting back with that information - much appreciated. I'll keep my eyes open, and good to know they're available on stencil kits too.