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building my own double kick Octaplus?

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  • building my own double kick Octaplus?

    Hi, I have been interested in building up a stainless steel kit for a while now, with size 26 double kicks. I have been looking high and low, but real steel Octaplus kits are insanely HTF. So are the few brands that competed with the Wigs back in that era (late 70s to early 80s).

    I have been able to locate parted out toms here and there, but the only kicks I have been able to find are usually the wrong size (much too small, like 22s), and/or they are absolutely destroyed yet the price for them is a fortune anyway.

    I have tried all online and offline (local) music shops as well as ebay, Reverb and all that. Craigslist nearly got me one, but the kicks were 24s and the whole kit itself turned out to have major probs with missing hardware, dents, the poor thing looked like angry hyenas had bitten into it. Naturally the price was a dream on that one.

    One of them was being sold by a guy through a certain other drumming site, and it was the right size and everything, but he wanted a price that could have been a down payment on a house.

    Another time I found a really longtime expert custom kit builder on another site, but he just wasted my (his as well I guess) time by asking me a zillion questions and then suddenly deciding that I wasn't rich enough to afford him and then he ghosted me...even after I assured him that my budget wasn't as extremely low as what he thought. I am not sure what it served him to bull**** me and then ghost like that, all for naught but that's how it went.

    Are there any remaining options for chasing down a kit like this that might not have dawned on me? I don't want to give up. Like my username says, my drumming hero is Cozy and I am chasing down that loud and powerful sound he had with Rainbow, Whitesnake & Schenker.

    I don't even necessarily have to have real wigs, I heard Pearl & Slinger both made steel kits as well...but just like with the Wigs I can only find parts here and there, in bad shape, sky high prices that nearly double from shipping, wrong sizes, shady or impatient sellers, and just plain lack of luck.

    Am I missing options that I don't know about?

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    Not that I can think of. But I love watching a unicorn hunt. Good luck getting that dream kit together.