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Pearl maple kit early 1980's

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  • Pearl maple kit early 1980's

    I have a question about my vintage Pearl drum kit from around 1982. They are very heavy, shells about 7,5 mm thick. I recently purchased a Pearl maple shell tom from Ebay from the same era, but that seems to be a quite thinner shell. The plastic wrapping is original Wine red. 22x14 bass, 10x8 & 12x10 toms, 14x14 & 16x16 floor toms. The labels are marked Made in Japan, with no serial numbers (in contrary to the recently purchased tom). The bass drum spurs are of the new type with black plastic which came around 1981. Is this a MX kit? The shells have narrow labels with Maple shell om them. All the labels are glued to the drums. The kit was ordered brand new from Rose Morris in London 1982 or 83.
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    The ebay tom with the 8 ply - 6mm thin shell is 80-83 ET/M series depending on year .. if it doesn't have superhoops it's from 80-82 and is ET series .. if it has superhoops it's from 83 and is M series .. same shells just different series name

    Now the wine red shells have to be a crossover .. you say you ordered brand new in 82 or 83 .. if they are the thicker 6 ply 7.5mm shells like you say with the Skinny Maple shell badges/Pearl Japan badges attached, then they have to be either a GX/MX crossover from 83 .. .. have to be early versions since they used up remaining 80-83 ET/G/M series badges on these thicker shells .. (they did that alot back then).. no way they are from 82
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      I see that the hoops on the Ebay 10" tom has much wider ears than the wine red 10" tom. The floor tom legs was not equipped with the big rubber tips from the '83 katalog. The shape and location of the vent hole is different on the wine red toms and the Ebay Tom. The wine red toms have the vent hole below the tom mount, the small Maple shell badge above. The Ebay Tom has the vent hole and the small Maple shell badge to one side of the tom mount, and the Pearl badge with serial numbers to the other side. The vent holes are also different, the wine red toms have much smaller "flaps" on the inside than the Ebay tom. I have also wondered why the Pearl badges on the wine red kit don't have serial numbers on them, and are just glued to the drums. I see similar labels in this thread: "Anybody tell me about these Old Pearls Please?"
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