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  • Hoop ID Question

    Over the course of the past 8-10 years, I have dabbled in drum resto, flipping parts, etc. Recently discovered I have a 16" hoop that is not steel (magnet doesn't stick). It is a little heavier than most others (not a lot), but otherwise looks the same (maybe more of a "nickle" color to it). My question is, how can I tell if it is COB or could it possibly be die cast? Or is it something else? Is it worth anything? I usually buy older stuff (70's and back), but not even really sure where it came from - too many parts lying around obviously. Thanks for any insight.

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    Hang the hoop over one finger and hit it with a stick. If it rings openly, with a gradual decay, it's COB. A COS hoop will "clang", not ring, and decay very quickly.
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      Thank you for the reply. I just tried this and compared to a known COS. It does ring much longer almost like a church bell. The steel rang longer than I thought it would, but not quite the same. So gauging by no magnet sticking and this test, we can assume COB? I have not owned a die cast hoop, so I don't know if they look or act differently. This one looks mostly like a normal hoop - minus the slight color variation. Thanks again.