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Early 80's Pearl USA Maple Rewrap

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    Wow!!! Really nice work! I love seeing old neglected kits come back to life. If you ever decide to part with that parallel strainer walnut snare let me know. I eventually want to add one to my 1980 walnut lacquer Big Beat kit. I'm guessing that's what you snagged those NOS wires for though lol.


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      Great thread, really enjoy seeing peep's fettling with old drums, breathing new life into them.

      FYI my 16" tom was a rack Tom but I put legs onto it as the ISS mounts are too flimsy for that kind size drum (I put a thread with photos on here somewhere). Will look to get the all metal optimounts at some point.
      Pearl Prestige Session Select SRX 1998 in black mist
      8-10-12-14-16F-18F-20BD 14x6.5" Masters Custom Maple Snare


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        Austin, Yes sir, I appreciate you posting about those NOS wires.
        I'll tell you what.....
        You find a Piano Black one, and we'll trade!
        I really like the big, deep snare. It fits really well with these drums. Now I need to get off my lazy .... and get back to work on my basement so I can set up all of my kits.