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Love the Old VIntage Pearl Drums!!! My Vintage Collection!

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    Originally posted by Dana View Post
    BTW I used to like pinstrips on everything, now I am a fan of the Evans G series.
    Dana, first of all nice kits!
    About those G series Evans, how would you describe their sound. I have been stuck on Remo ever since I started playing in the late 80's.
    Started with CS Black-dots, went to Pinstripes, and now I'm playing on Fiberskyn 3 FA's.
    Pearl (International/Export/"Maple Shell"/Masters) All in #103/#31
    Pro-mark SKO 707N


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      Awesome collection, very nice indeed!



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        I was thinking about trying to use Fiberskyns on the Wood Fiberglss kit. The G2's for wont of a better description, "sound more like I want". I am a REMO guy too, same cut my teeth on the Pinstripes and found they were the best (except fo the metal rim seperations from the heads they had trouble with). I do not have a G2 on the Bass, I have a CS and think that is just "it" for the set. The bass does not have to be messed with. I think they sound warmer, and rounder, without the overring. It is dampened, but just the right amount.

        Thanks ALL on the kudos, I appreciate it a lot. The four sets took me about a year in total to do, just about 8 months for the wood ones, and about 4 months for the other two. It was a total teardown, of EVERYTHING, nutboxes and everyhing, smoothing and seting earing edges without too much messing aound with the sound.

        Fiberglass kit is BOOMY, the wood fiberglas is that studio sound, and the Maples are ... well maples.

        I will have anohter thread on my snares, ALL vintage, and all Pearl with the exception of a Sonor!
        einspritzung send me a PM. I am in Texas as well.


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          ...............SCHWING!!!! Top shelf mate!!


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            Cool kits!! I always liked the grain of the Pearl shells from those days. It's almost a Gretsch/Jasper look.


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              Help identifying Pearl snare drum

              Originally posted by Dana View Post
              Well my collection is finished, with the exception of the Crystal Beat and I don't thnk I want a vintage set of those! I wanted to share these sets with you. I remember that my first set was a Jazz/Rrock Pearl, and a 1976 vintage with the leathette covering and a COB snare. Well NOW I have 4 sets three COB's and one is a Jupiter, a free floater, a sonor 1 ply and a maple! So this thread shows myobsession or hobby or whatever, and I did screw for screw bolt for bolt and all te sanding and finisheing was done by me.

              The sets will be in seperate "replies" in this thread. No need to muck up the forum, for a thread with pictures!
              Four Sets: two maple shell kits, 1980-2, a Wood/FIiberglass shell kit, late 0's, a 1974-7 set, and a 1981 "Larrie Londin" extender Fiberglass shell kit.
              I don't know if you're even on the forum anymore but I'm giving it a shot. I just got this steel snare drum and can't find anything like it anywhere. NO info on age or model. Made in Japan and has extensions for the wires kind of like a free floater. Any ideas?
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                1982 Maxwin DLX705 in #55 Silver Flash
                1994 SX "Session Series" in #38 Stainless Steel
                1990 CZX "Custom Z" in #130 Champagne
                1991 SZX "CZX Studio" in #133 Crimson Quartz
                1986 SC "Syncussion X" in black
                Roland TD-20SX
                Roland TD-30KV


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                  Nice collection of drum sets.

                  I love drums sets with lots of toms.