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  • Clubdate value

    So I'm looking for something different In a kit and I want to sell my clubdates. Sizes are 12x8 13x9 15x10 20x14. The 15 is a converted marching snare.

    So the 12 and the 20 are original (the 20 had a slingerland mount that I patched the holes.

    The 13 and 15 had extra holes I patched and I re-wrapped them using period correct wrap (the wrap itself had holes in it so I had to cover the holes). On the 15 I added floor tom legs.

    Then I re-painted the interior and added new edges on the 13 15 20 set (I bought the 12 much later so I didn't do any extra work)

    There a players set so I don't think I could get a lot for them. Is 800$ fair?
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    $800 seems way too much, but I don't know that much about vintage gear so prioritise others' opinions! I'd have said about half that, haha.

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      id have to agree with 400 ish.... 800 is up in the vintage original range. im sure they sound good.


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        Yeah they sound nice. I'm just looking for something different. I have around 700$ into them. So 400$ is about what I would get?


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          I would agree, for club dates that have been modified I think $400-500 is a reasonable retail price, probably less for private party sale.

          And it's "they're a player's set", not "there".
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            I'm not sure how to convert the UK/US prices on vintage kit, but good condition 60s Ludwig kits in the UK, go for between £1100 & £1800, with a few going sub £1K due to additional holes etc.
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              Good and band news. Bad news I don't have clubdates, but good news I got a set of 60's re-wrapped gretsch. 13" 16" 22" then a 10 and 12 re-wrapped Rogers toms with gretsch parts. He also gave me a dw tom mount. I say it's a fair trade.
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                Looks good, how's it sound?


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                  Originally posted by FL Drummer View Post
                  Looks good, how's it sound?
                  The kick drum almost made me faint. It's amazing?