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Old ludwig jazzset, help needed

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  • Old ludwig jazzset, help needed


    I can buy this kit for 560 euro. But i'm not sure About the value, because the inside is painted black.. And there are no badges also...

    Sizes are Nice (12,14,18))

    This is the link..
    I'am the drummer from the dutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    here is my kit

    tama superstar hyperdrive

    Looking for:
    14 or 15 or 16 (or two of them) floating mlx toms piano black.
    willing to trade 1 of my 14 or 16 floortoms

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    not sure about that one. An 18" Clubdate bass drum would be rare but I can't tell if that's a genuine example - probably not. The wrap isn't original and the lugs on the FT don't look centred to my eyes. The snare is a nice Hayman Vibrasonic and if it's all original it's worth around 200 euro on its own


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      The Ludwigs are re-wrap. Also they only made the bass drums in a 20 and 22" size. It's probably another drum that someone put Ludwig parts on. The snares nice but the kits decent if that...


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        there is such a thing as a Ludwig Club date 18" bass drum but very rare and possibly a special order. Here's one on ebay right now -

        But I agree with Josh that it's probably some unknown shells with Ludwig Club date hardware fitted.


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          Looks like in was wrapped with vinyl sheet,like wallpaper