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  • Any ideas?

    Just this morning scored these on my way to work for £10.
    Think the 16" ft is a Premier but has no holes for leg brackets but does have two very small holes near the top and bottom aligned (too small to house air vents).
    The 14" has a mark over the air vent from where the badge was which is approx 2" by 2".

    Help appreciated before I get the sack for scouring the www for clues
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    the floor tom is definitely Premier from the 60s and looks like a deep one. Not sure why there aren't holes for the leg brackets though. It will be a pre-international size drum, just over 16" from memory. Remo sell the heads. It will be a birch shell with beech rings. Cool drum that would've been wrapped originally. Great score for a tenner

    I'm going to take a guess and say the other tom is Ajax. Just a guess though


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      Originally posted by fayray View Post
      the floor tom is definitely Premier from the 60s and looks like a deep one.
      16"/18" so yes it is deep, gives me an excuse to have 2 16" floor toms, not like"Buddy"..

      Took the lid off for a quick peek inside and discovered that the two small holes are for internal dampers, one top one bottom so unless this is standard it may add intrigue to the missing leg mount holes. I'm no expert so over to the experts on this one.

      I tend to agree that the 14" is Ajax but this is yet to be proven, interesting die casts as well, may be another clue for someone.

      I went back to the flea market in my dinner break and on another stall found this for £5, not overly excited but intrigued non the less....
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        that is a Gigster snare with what looks like a Premier Hi-Fi butt. These were an entry level drum from the 50s. Apparently Mick Fleetwood had one as his first drum.


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          Under 3 layers of paint lay the original red sparkle but alas was un saveable.

          Upgraded the snare release and gave it well earned clean.

          Think this ain't no player but boy she looks sweet....
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