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1954 Gretsch BroadKaster "narrow" Snare

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  • 1954 Gretsch BroadKaster "narrow" Snare

    This snare was owned by an elderly man for many years and he kept it in a case and never exposed it to the light. The wrap shows a slightly different color under the hoops so I do not think it was recovered. The drum is in excellent condition other than the internal muffler that has a piece of string on it. The rims and lugs have no pitting whatsoever.

    This drum is identical (except it has 20 strand wires) to the snare in the Gretsch 1954 catalogue that is called the "narrow" Broadkaster (because it is actually 5 1/2 inches).

    My question is why was there no activity on this Broadkaster which is in such great condition

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      Still saying it's been removed :-(

      Ahhh it works now! I dunno what was happening last night.
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        That's better, thanks!

        A few things spring to mind:
        There are errors in the listing, which has obviously been modded from another listing for a 20" kick.
        "Possibly recovered" creates doubt.
        Details are sparse compared to the info you have, so you are either the lister, or received info via e-mail and not through e-bay as there were no questions.

        For all and any collectables the three criteria that have to be met are complete, original and condition.
        If you can put a cross in the box beside any one of those three criteria, price plummets, and moreso in harder economic times.

        Possibly recovered suggests re wrap and all that goes with that. That alone can put off discerning collectors. That's a possible cross against original.
        The damage to the internal muffler puts a cross beside condition.

        There's 2 strikes out of three. Add in sketchy and obviously incorrect listing details and I think most people will leave it alone if there are other alternatives that tick more boxes.

        It's a bit moot though. It sold for $300 even if it was a last minute bid. Pretty good I'd say.

        E-bay is a funny auction site. Funny in that I have listed stuff which didn't sell in the first, second and third listings with buy it now pricing. Left it a fortnight, started bidding at the original BIN price and it sold for three times as much...
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