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help identify this Pearl kit

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  • help identify this Pearl kit

    I bought this based on the one crappy photo for the equivalent of $290usd. I noticed the metal bass drum hoops and figured it was a lower line model but then, based on the lug spacing from the tom mount, figured it was likely a 10 lug bass drum which would make it a higher end model? Does anyone have an idea based on this vague photo? Figured it was worth a punt for that money. It comes with soft cases which I thought was a good sign that it's been looked after.
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    Almost looks like a lacquer finish, but as you said, it's hard to tell from that terrible picture.


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      Yeah, I thought lacquer too. Just got a text from the seller saying it's an Export. Turns out my lug counting calculations were a bit out. Unless there's a 10 lug Export model?


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        Some 24" Export bass drums had ten lugs. But this looks to be a bog standard 12-13-16-22 ELX kit. Late nineties. Only thing that doesn't add up is the chrome bass drum hoops, those should be black powder-coated.

        Nothing to sneeze at, mind you. Exports are fine kits.
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          Hard to tell without seeing the badges really, and/or the lugs, but I'm leaning to go with gyorpb here. Could be a wrapped EX or a lacquered ELX even. Hoops may well have been changed; especially if it's an ELX, as they came with fully finished wood hoops around that time (97ish to 99 I think?) and they could well have been damaged and steel replacements were much cheaper.

          And yes, Exports are fine kits. Played many a show on Exports; either house kits, another band on the bill, or friends kits.
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            Thanks for the help. Not really vintage so sorry for putting it in the wrong section. I have a friend who's keen on a good, affordable kit so I think this might be just the kit for him. I'll confirm exactly what it is when I get them.