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  • Rogers Tall Boy Hoops

    What is advantage , if any these rogers hoops

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    They were originally designed during the calf era. The taller hoop kept the rim above the bearing edge, thus protecting it from rimshots and such. Mylar heads came out around 57-58 or so, and these continued to be used until someone decided, Hey, we could change that. And so they did. The chief advantage to them on a drum that ought to be equipped with them, is that it preserves the originality of the drum.

    Myself, I have been looking for a ten lug tall 14 Top for a 63 Dynasonic for about 3 years. Found several, but so did someone else.
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      I'm going to go out on a limb and offer a theoretical advantage. The taller the hoop, the stiffer it will be. Much like an "I" beam of structural steel. The taller the beam, the stronger it will be.

      My father replaced all his tall boys with die cast hoops on his early 50's Rogers kit. Luckily he kept the tall boys, and i will be putting them back on some day.