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Issues with S-11 strainer of a vinage Free Floating Snare

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  • Issues with S-11 strainer of a vinage Free Floating Snare

    Hello to Forumland,

    I have Free Floating Brass snare from japanese production (the one with hexagonal tuning posts) that still has the pseudo parallel strainer.
    My problem is that this strainer doesn´t keep the adjusted tension even when it´s off and I have to adjust it 2-3 times within a two hour rehearsal.

    How can I solve this problem while I can´t detect any defects ?
    I´m also thinking about replacing it with a single action strainer like the ones which are used on sensitone snares.

    Does anybody know which one of those would fit ?

    Many thanks in advance for your help !
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    I have the same system which worked fine until now (bought in 1988). Have you seen the small piece of rubber which fixes the srew to adjust the tension? Maybe that rubber has gotten hard over the time in your strainer (that would be easy to replace). What I don't understand is that it does not hold the tension even if when the wires are off the reso - do you mean you release the wires, play something and when you flip it on again, the tension is different (lower?). Have you checked all connecting parts to the wires (nylon tape or cord)? The slotted screws to fix them get used after the years so it's not always easy to fix them tight. If it is the tension screw itself you can apply some "Teflon-Band" to it to stop it from moving unwanted...
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