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Pearl restauration in New Zealand

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    Originally posted by Kiwi Pearl Fan View Post
    Hey there, I didn't realise it had been so long!

    Last time I was over at Ewald's he had rack toms and snares, but no kick drums. But that was a while ago.

    His username on TM is swisskee so perhaps save him as a favourite and when he's next got an auction going you can message him.

    I also searched under in CHCH but nothing popped up.

    Best of luck with the search KiwiCoopz!

    Good to see the kiwi is not quite so endangered

    I have dealt with swisskee on TM before so now I know who he is, the drum world is even smaller in our corner it seems.

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    Originally posted by Mike Foreman
    Practice makes perfect. But ultimately, I am living proof that you don't need to play well to enjoy gear. You might be surprised how much enjoyment you can get while still sucking.


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      cool - I have time on my side anyway ... the 10" I picked up seems to be a later model Export with a different grain direction (and in bad condition) so might park that and look for another 10" shell also.


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        Thanks for that John - I'm after a matching snare too so may be on to something