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Pearl Maple Shells (Should I Buy)

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  • Pearl Maple Shells (Should I Buy)

    A simple word ad in my local paper,ie- looking for high end drum kit, has led me to another Vintage Pearl find.I had posted the ad approx two months ago which led me to my first ever Pearl Luan kit which has been cleaned and restored. (Check Previous Posts). Got a call a few days ago re a 7 piece Pearl Maple Kit with a Premier snare and some old Zildjian cymbels. This particular kit is in orange with a simple Pearl Maple Shell badge, after checking through some old threads (Similar Pics) I believe it is from the late 70's. It definately needs some work but certainly has possibilities. (Sorry No Pics). All the heads would have to be replaced,asking price so far is around $800.. Canadian.Basic question,is this worth pursuing ? Really enjoying my first old kit, but judging from comments it appears that Maple is the ultimate choice. What Say You !!!!!
    Cheers RP.....