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  • Snares, pick one

    What does everybody in here think of these snares:

    5.5 x 14 Brass Sensitone
    4 x 14 Maple Piccolo
    3.5 x 14 Brass Free Floating

    I need some opinions, and if you have any other favorites.

    Thanks in advance, later.

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    I would go with the Free-floating brass. Beautiful snare. Also you can always buy extra shells to go with it so it would be like having 3 snares in one.


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      Go with the brass free floater.
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        FFs are great, but if you don't plan on swapping the shells, or want something a little "meaier" than the 3.5" depth, go with the Sensitone.

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          Check this out, maybe it'll help:

          cogito ergo Bebop a Lula


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            brass free floater eh? I'll have to look into it. The guitarist in my one band plays drums too, and hes got a nice set, Pearl Prestige Session Select, with the Brass Free Floater, but his is 5.5 x 14, It sounds good. I heard a 3.5 that this guy was playin at a metal gig though and it tore through the volume but was so perfect at the same time, liked it even better.

            If I were rich though i'd go stock pile myself with a few Tama Bell Brass


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              brass FF although if you want a good bras snare for a little cheaper see ifu can find a brass sensitone 13x5.5 somewhere
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                Pearl FFX 14x12 marching snare!!!!!!.... ...but in those selections...i would have to say the piccolo snare
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                  the brass free floater,sound really nice...
                  check out surrounded by lions.