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Looking for a new snare with great body...

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    Get a different shell.
    Or, I bet you'll eventually regret getting rid of that Free Floater.
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      A thin shell with reinforcement rings, and deeper than 5 inches would give you what your looking for.

      That would be a Dennis Chambers Signature.

      Want a Ludwig Acrolite ? PM me.


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        I agree with the MHX if in fact it is a 4 ply drum. I say this cause I have a Dennis Chambers sig. and it has tons of body like the J lo. snare. It also is a 4 ply snare.


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          Omar Hakim Snare

          Rock out, Roll on

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            Sounds like we all need to clarify what we hear as "body".

            Is it midrange or low-mids or low end?

            Body to me are the middle frequencies that often fill out the sound. A thicker shell generally accentuates the the upper mids and high frequencies while a thinner one projects more lower mids. I would guess that Beeresponsible would be happy with a number of shells that are on the thinner side. For a Pearl shell I would suggest an MMX, which would have a meaty yet full tone that is chunky and still bright and sensative. Or any well built Keller shell 8-ply maple. My favorite right now is a 6X13 8-ply Keller I built myself. Its about as middle of the road of body/crack/warmth/sensativity/brightness/articulation as I can get while still having some character to it.

            I bet a 5 1/2X13 or 14 MMX or the DC sig would do about the same.