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problems with my supra

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  • problems with my supra

    hey everyone. i recently got a 5x14 70's supraphonic. it has a really nice sound to it, but i would like it to be a warmer sound. right now it has a high crisp tone, thats good for like new alt rock and punk and stuff like that, but its too high pitched for me. if i tune it down then i get bad snare buzz. can someone help me out? i want a sound more warmer and lower pitched and darker sounding i guess. thanks
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    What kind of heads do you have?

    Try using a 2 ply head with a muffling ring.


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      i got a remo ambassador with evans opaque 300 and gibraltar 20 strand wires
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        Easy one.... Aquarian Modern Vintage batter (medium), and Puresound 24 or 30's

        All done


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          You can get this sound without changing anything on your drum.

          I experimented with the sound of my supraphonic for months trying to get the sound i wanted, which is similar to the sound you want, the best way i found was keeping the snare side head as loose as possible (but so it still makes a tone when you tap it rather then sound like you have hit wet paper) and i then tune the batter side up until i get a snare sound i want.

          you may need to tune the snare side up a tiny amount to reduce some of the snare buzz, but keep it as loose as possible.

          I have found doing it this way gets the best sound, obviously it depends what sound you want, but i find the greatest difference in pitch of the heads reduces the snare buzz the most, and doing it this way definatly does this.

          On a side not, my uncle has used a Supraphonic for years and never has heard it sounding as good as mine


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            I thought you were talking about cars for a minute there


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              thanks fezzasus, ill try that later tonight. ya GTHO, how do i get my car to give me a warmer sound, ive tried getting a new transmission but now it gives me a even brighter tone!
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                haha when i read the title, i thought something was wrong with your car.
                :mad: :) :D