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Head Changes (noob question, be warned)

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  • Head Changes (noob question, be warned)

    Hey guys. Recently, i opted to change the resonant side head on my snare drum. It's only a peral forum snare drum, so I don't know if higher quality snares have less of a problem, but I think I did something wrong because I couldn't get the snares to be as tight as they were before. Turns out I liked the looser snares as compared to the tighter snares, but I was wondering if anyone could let me know the correct procedure for changing resonant side snare heads?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    what i normaly do is loosen the plates that hold the ties to the snare and take that off next take off the old head and slap that new one on (using the correct tuning of course) and then i set it so the throw is off and that the tension is pretty losse then put the snares in place and make then kinda tight not to tight though because then when you go to turn the snares off they will still be there alittle bit. Then just tighten up the plates and thats how i do it